Man Converts Shipping Container Into Stunning Home For Less Than $50,000

by Emerald Pellot
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Richie was sick of his city life. He wanted nothing more than to be back in nature. There was just one problem: how do you do that?

It seems like something reserved for the lifestyles of the wealthy, but Richie was determined. He scraped together every penny he had, and over time he was able to buy a bit of land. Then came the next problem: there was no home there. With nothing but his wits, his horse, and a tent, it was more like the guy was camping in his own property than really living.

That’s when he reached out to Adam, Jason, and Pete of Better Homes and Gardens. The architect, designer, and builder came up with a brilliant, inexpensive idea.

They decided to convert a $6,000 shipping container into a stunning home. While the container was cheap, the renovations would prove to add up. They had to rent a $250-per-hour crane just to transport the thing. Still, for under $50,000, they were sure they could get the metal box up and running. You’re not going to believe what they manage to achieve together.

The shipping container looks more like a luxury home! With a fully operational kitchen, bathroom, separate bedroom, patio, and dining area, it looks more like a condo than the empty box it once was. Check out the stunning before and after in the video below!

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