Shipping Container Houses Are The Perfect Vacation Spots

by Jessica Rothhaar
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By now you’ve probably heard of tiny house living, or even vacationing in a tiny home. But have you ever heard of someone vacationing in a shipping container?

Many people are ditching their packed-to-the-brim suitcases and switching them out for a light carry-on when they go on a trip. They’re also opting for smaller, quieter locations. Why are they doing this? Several reasons!

Packing light to get to your destination makes traveling a lot less burdensome and traveling without checking your bags is a lot cheaper. Also, the less stuff you have to worry about, the more you can enjoy your surroundings and the people you’re vacationing with.

Now why would anyone travel all the way to a vacation destination just to spend a week in a shipping container? Once you see them, you’ll understand their appeal!

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Just a short walk away from the warm, sandy beaches in Carolina Beach, NC, are two large shipping containers.

They are much more than storage units, however.

They are modern structures, packed with everyday amenities, and they’re ready for visitors!

There are two almost identical shipping containers that act as vacation homes for North Carolina visitors.

The shipping containers are named the Conchs and comfortably fit two adults and one child.

They were created by the owner, Shelly, in an effort to offer a unique, low-profile vacation rental for visitors.

The two shipping contains are located on adjoining lots so they can be rented together or separately for couples who are looking for a simpler type of getaway.

Although the containers only measure out to be 320 square feet, there’s more than enough space for visitors to live comfortably.

The bathrooms are spacious and include all the normal things you’d expect from a hotel stay.

Shelly even provides her guests with organic linens!

The care put into creating the Conchs is evident when you look around at the details.

The floors are all mahogany hardwood, the countertops are post-consumer recycled Paperstone.

The shipping containers are located in an offset, quiet place so there’s plenty of privacy to enjoy the outdoor shower and lounge on the deck!

These unique shipping containers offer a one-of-a-kind vacation for anyone willing to think a little outside-the-box!

For more on these incredible shipping containers, check out their Airbnb page!

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