Toddler’s Hair Grows Straight Out, Then Parents Realize She Has Uncombable Hair Syndrome

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
Ileana is a writer on the Original Content team. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Everyone can agree that every single child is unique — even twins are totally one-of-a-kind!

Each child has their own personality, their own look, and their own style. Often, kids like to express their individuality through their clothing and hair.

Some children, though, have slightly less control when it comes to their looks. Kids like Jaili Lamb, who has a genetic hair condition, don’t exactly get to choose what their hair looks like every day.

Most kids can choose to straighten or curl their locks, or put it into a ponytail or braids, but for kids with uncombable hair syndrome, things are a little different.

Shilah Calvert-Yin, like Jaili Lamb, was born with uncombable hair syndrome, a unique disorder that causes hair to have a wiry texture and grow directly outward from the head.

Although it’s believed that Albert Einstein had this unique condition, his looks aren’t exactly the envy of most little girls. Despite the unconventionality of her looks, Shilah decided not to let it get in the way of her dreams.

[H/T: Love What Matters]

baby shilah

Shilah’s mom shared her story on the Facebook page Love What Matters, where tons of people saw it and liked it.

Within days, Shilah’s story had over 15,000 reactions.

Shilah has uncombable hair syndrome, a genetic condition that impacts the shape of the hair follicle. However, the young girl doesn’t seem to mind her unique looks!

young shilah

Shilah’s mom writes:

Shilah loves her hair and has learned to embrace it from a very young age.

shilah smile

This year she asked us if she could do some modelling to show other people that it’s okay to be different and not look like everyone else.

With her confidence and personality we decided to approach an agency (Bettina Modeling in Melbourne) and we also set her up an Instagram account.

shilah science

She had no one to identify with.

Instagram just made sense, she can share and others can see her grow up and maybe give them someone to identify with.

shilah braids

Shilah has the most amazing personality and resilience for such a little girl.

The support she has received from around the world has been quite amazing.

shilah gymnastics

Shilah knows that she is special but she is now helping others discover they are also special and not to be ashamed or let people put you down just because you may look different.

At 7 years of age she has taught me so much; to love and appreciate individuality and to love who you are.

shilah pose

Even though she’s only 7 years old, Shilah’s message of acceptance resonates with people everywhere.

What do you think of this incredible little girl?

shilah model

To learn more about feisty Shilah, check out her Instagram here!

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