Kindhearted Animal Hero Rescues Dog Living In Abandoned House

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

Animal hero Dusty happened to be tagged in a Facebook thread about a stray dog who needed help. No one could get close enough to Shelly, a small lab mix, to rescue her. Abandoned for some time, the poor dog had been living in the woods and sleeping in a burned out, abandoned home in East Tampa, FL. This was no place for animal to live. Dusty decided to do whatever it took to capture her.

After several attempts at bringing her to safety, Dusty finally found Shelly sitting and waiting in the animal trap he set out for her. He was blown away by how timid and sweet Shelly actually was. After all, he didn’t know what to expect when he released the terrified pup from the trap.

In the video below, Dusty and Shelly begin to bond as he gently rubs her head outside on the curb, and then again in his car over a cheeseburger. These are such endearing moments that show a neglected dog on her way to a brand-new life — only she has no idea of the happiness in store. Shelly went on to an amazing foster family and has since been adopted into her loving forever home.

Dusty Showers specializes in the capture, resocialization and rehousing of difficult-to-capture, lost or abandoned dogs in the Tampa Bay area. Check out Dusty’s project to create a large-scale, free-roam dog shelter and halfway home for dogs and funding for his breast cancer charity here.

What began with a simple post about a stray dog led to a precious life, forever changed. This serves as an awesome reminder to spread the power of animal rescue, so please SHARE this story with your friends on Facebook!

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