‘She Sheds’ Provide Simple Yet Stunning Backyard Getaways

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Since what seems like the dawn of time, the man cave has been the sought-after epitome of male luxury. Generally confined to a basement or closed-off part of the house, man caves serve as a sanctuary that men can slink off to for some personal time to indulge in a hobby, watch television, or hang out with his like-minded confidants.

But don’t women also deserve an equally isolated oasis to have time to themselves?

The answer is “yes,” and that’s why She Sheds are on the rise!

She Sheds are quaint little huts that are usually in the backyard of the primary residence like this woman’s secluded structure.

Slightly bigger than a garden shed, these female sanctuaries can vary depending on what their user’s interests are. They range from crafting huts filled with tools, fabrics, and hobby supplies for your DIY projects, to tiny yoga studios, to chic dwellings where women can escape to for some alone time.

Daydreaming about having your own She Shed? Check out some examples below built by companies that specialize in chic outdoor sheds!


Companies like Modern-Shed and Studio Shed specialize in creating custom structures that you can tailor to your liking.

These little structures are ideal for making the She Shed of your dreams.

Whether they’re totally secluded or bursting with natural light, She Sheds allow you to enjoy the outdoor scenery.

They don’t need to be very big. In fact, the small stature strengthens the idea that your secluded space is no bigger than a shed.

Some are far removed from other properties, giving users a heightened feeling of being in a hideaway.

They can also be used as studios or offices spaces that rooms in your primary residence simply can’t accommodate.

You can decorate the interior and exterior to match your landscaping.

Bright colors and new age accents can also make these huts feel particularly personal.

They can also be used for a study or a guest space when you aren’t using it as a safe haven for some me time.

Wide, wall-length doors make the little huts feel even bigger.

Why stop at the shed? You can also add an adjoining deck for an outdoor girly getaway.

These chic She Sheds are everything you could want them to be, offering an easy escape from everyday life.

So let him have his man cave while you retreat to your own little oasis to enjoy some much deserved me time.

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