Shay Mitchell Hints At Her Due Date For Her First Child And It’s Sooner Than Fans Expected

by Angela Andaloro

Shay Mitchell has been living her best life while pregnant with her first child. Shay surprised fans with news of her pregnancy in late June.

Shay and boyfriend Matte Babel are planning to welcome a little girl, and she’ll be here before we know it.

The pregnancy is especially meaningful after the events of the last year. In January, Shay revealed that she had suffered a miscarriage sometime in 2018. It’s knowing that Shay has been through this difficult time that makes fans that much happier for her as she enjoys this pregnancy to the fullest. From her hilarious Power Rangers-inspired gender reveal to her awesome maternity fashion that’s not even “maternity wear,” Shay is positively glowing.

Now she’s in the home stretch to meeting her little girl.

In a recent video on her YouTube Originals series Almost Ready, Shay revealed that she’s about eight months along. That means that Shay’s little girl will be here really soon!

Shay Mitchell is one of the hottest stars in Hollywood, and soon she’ll be a hot mama! The Pretty Little Liars alum who wowed fans in Netflix’s super-creepy thriller series You revealed her pregnancy to fans in late June.

Because of Shay’s low-key nature, the announcement took fans by surprise. Many weren’t even aware that she has a boyfriend, Canadian journalist Matte Babel. The two have quietly been dating for the last three years.

shay mitchell sonogram miscarriage

That isn’t all you didn’t know about Shay. In January, Shay revealed that she had gotten pregnant in 2018. In a New Year’s Day Instagram story, she revealed that she suffered a miscarriage. She mentioned it to remind people that we never truly know another person’s struggles and to call for kindness.

Her experience with the miscarriage is what led Shay to wait until she was six months pregnant to reveal she was expecting this time around. She explained it during the first episode of her YouTube Originals series, Almost Ready.

Shay revealed that while the first pregnancy wasn’t planned, they were super excited. They were heartbroken when Shay miscarried at 14 weeks. In the video, you can see how it shapes her decisions about this pregnancy, from the late announcement to holding off on decorating the nursery.

There was one person whom Shay confided in during the early days of the pregnancy. She revealed to Refinery29 that she leaned on friend and former PLL costar Troian Bellisario, who welcomed a little girl herself last fall. “Troian … was someone who I confided in a lot, which was so amazing,” Shay said. “She’s also a mom. She said embrace it. Time goes by so fast, as it does. I watch her daughter grow up so quickly. It’s crazy. To have that example in front of me, I really took it to heart.”

Since making the big reveal, Shay has been sharing her journey with fans and followers. That includes a hilarious gender reveal set up by her assistant, where the pink and blue Power Rangers dueled until they got their answer.

In the second video in the Almost Ready series, a few hints about when Shay will give birth are dropped. During a clothing fitting, Shay notes that her feet haven’t swollen up and asks if that always happens. Designer Monica Rose replies “It happens like, toward the end, so you’re good.”

Later on in the video, Shay talks about having trouble sleeping. “It’s freaking me out because I have two more months left,” she says. Later on in the video, Matte points out that she’s “almost eight months pregnant.”

The video that Shay’s filming during the episode has a lot of crazy looks, one of which she posted to her Instagram account five weeks ago. That would be mean that she was at about the eight-month mark five weeks ago.

Since that would mean Shay is around the nine-month mark now, it’s getting really close to the time she’ll meet her little girl. The baby could be here as soon as the end of this month and as late as the early weeks of September.

Whenever the little girl does arrive, it’s certain that her mama will be ready with some sick fashions for her. Shay’s been killing the game with her clothing options while pregnant. She was determined not to wear any “maternity wear.”

Instead, she’s been picking out things that suit her fashion sense in larger styles. Since her bump is so sweet and compact considering how far along she is, it’s been working really well for her. In some designs, it’s hard to tell she’s even pregnant.

We can’t wait to see Shay and Matte bask in the happiness their little girl will bring. We hope that the last days of her pregnancy are as easy and enjoyable as they can be. Life is about to change for the couple, but it’s changing in the best way.