Doctors Say Toddler Only Has 1 Year To Live Yet 30 Months Later His Brain Tumor Is Shrinking

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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In 2015, doctors revealed that Shawn Kennedy had an inoperable brain tumor. They told his mom that he had six months, maybe a year, left to live.

Today, over two years after that news, Shawn and his mom are in Tennessee, where he is still receiving treatment for his tumor — and where he recently got some incredible news.

Despite his devastating prognosis back in 2015, Shawn’s tumor has shrunk considerably. In the video below, you can see the striking size difference between his MRI from 2015 and his most recent one. It is nothing short of incredible.

Shawn’s mom Nicole spoke to WGRZ Buffalo after hearing the good news. She told the station that Shawn is doing well — and that the news has given her and her family a new hope. She said, “I’m excited, and happy, and amazed, and I can breathe today.”

And even though things have been tough for Shawn and his family in the past, Nicole says he’s a trooper — and his positive energy makes the whole thing a little easier on all of them. She told WGRZ, “Just his whole, his whole character makes everything so much easier. It really does.”

While getting treatment in Tennessee, Shawn and Nicole are a long way from their home in upstate New York. They will be heading back to their supportive community in New York soon, though, and hope that, before long, their trips to Tennessee will become fewer, and much more far between.

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If you would like to help Shawn and his family with medical costs, you can donate here.

Footage and photos provided by WGRZ Buffalo

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