Shawn Johnson East Was In Labor For 22 Hours Before Welcoming Her Daughter Via C-Section

by Angela Andaloro

Shawn Johnson and husband Andrew East have been beyond elated throughout their pregnancy journey. The couple experienced a miscarriage in the fall of 2017.

Two years later, they’ve welcomed their rainbow baby.

Shawn gave birth to Drew Hazel East on October 29. The little girl weighed 8 lbs., 8 oz. at birth and measured 20.5 inches long. Her birth didn’t quite go according to plan, however, as Shawn and Andrew revealed in part one of their birth vlog.

Shawn and Andrew were hoping for a natural birth. At 40 weeks pregnant, the expectant mom was doing everything she could to go into labor, but it wasn’t happening.

Doctors scheduled her to be induced. While Shawn started having contractions, after 22 hours of labor, there wasn’t much progress. She has now revealed that that’s when the decision was made that she would need a C-section. The new mom was discouraged by the diversion from her birth plan, but she was elated to hold that baby girl for the very first time.

Shawn Johnson East and her husband, former NFL long snapper Andrew East, have welcomed their first child. Shawn and Andrew welcomed a daughter, Drew Hazel East, on October 29. The little girl weighed 8 lbs., 8 oz. at birth and measured 20.5 inches long.

The arrival of the baby girl is very sweet for the couple. Their first child is a rainbow baby. The couple experienced a devastating miscarriage in the fall of 2017, with Shawn losing her baby just hours after sharing the news with Andrew.

Shawn and Andrew have documented their pregnancy journey on their YouTube channel, The East Family. As Shawn’s original due date of October 23 passed by, fans began eagerly checking the couple’s social media accounts for any word of the baby’s arrival.

Shawn and Andrew have been slowly trickling out information about Drew’s birth. After a week just enjoying their time as a new family, Shawn and Andrew shared the news that their baby girl had arrived.

They even shared a photo of Drew, whose name hadn’t been announced at the time, on her own Instagram page, @theeastbaby. She looks so perfectly sweet swaddled with a little pink hat on, complete with bow.

Fans of the couple were aware that Shawn and Andrew had been figuring out the details of their birth plan throughout the pregnancy. As an Olympic athlete, Shawn was pretty sure she’d be able to deliver naturally without an epidural.

In the first part of the couple’s birth vlog, we see that the plan didn’t shake out quite the way they’d pictured. Shawn had to head to the hospital to be induced at 40 weeks after things weren’t moving along naturally.

When they got there, things continued to divert from her plan, as Shawn revealed in an Instagram photo caption. Shawn said, “22 hours of labor to end in a c section,” alongside a photo of the new family of three.

“I went in with such a stubborn mindset of thinking the only way I could bring our baby into the world was naturally,” she wrote. “No meds no intervention. At 14 hours when I chose to get an epidural I felt guilty. At 22 hours when we were told I had to get a c section I felt like I had failed.”

“But after holding our sweet girl in my arms and being told everything went well and she had made it to us safely I could have cared less,” Shawn continued. “My/our world no longer has anything to do with us but everything to do with her.”

“It’s all for her and I will forever do anything for this girl that I love more than I ever could imagine,” the new mom gushed. “A love no one can ever prepare you for. @andrewdeast I meant it in the hospital when I said you will forever be my number one but she will now forever be OUR number one together.”

Shawn went on to thank everyone who made her birth process as smooth as it could possibly be. “Thank you to the incredible doctors and nurses who brought our baby girl into the world safely and to the best husband/daddy in the world for being there every step of the way.”

In their short time as parents, it seems like Shawn and Andrew already nailed the perspective of parenting and recognize what truly matters. It’s so sweet to watch this couple’s undeniable love for each other extend to the newest member of their family.

Today, the couple revealed the little girl’s name. “Named after the most incredible person I know… her daddy,” Shawn shared with a photo to Instagram. It’s clear how in love they are with their little girl already, and we can’t wait to see that love grow as she does!