Police Pull Drowning German Shepherd Out Of A Canal Only To Learn She Belongs To Fellow Cop

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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When police in Florida responded to a call about a dog trapped in a canal, they had no idea whose pup they were saving.

A neighbor had called the Broward County Sheriff’s Office after spotting a German shepherd trapped in a canal and struggling to keep swimming. When the five deputies arrived at the scene, they found the terrified dog unable to get out of the canal due to wet rocks and a steep embankment.

The deputies’ body cameras captured the dramatic rescue, which involved getting into the water to pull the 7-year-old German shepherd to safety. As John Sambaugh, one of the deputies on scene, explained: “We saw the dog in the water, not moving that much at all… When we went into the water, the dog started swimming out and we were able to coax the dog back in. [She] came back in and I was able to lasso [her].”

Once the pup was safely on dry land and warming up from her scary ordeal, someone had to find her family. Little did the deputies know that they had just rescued one of their own.

The German shepherd is named Shasta, and she lives with a deputy named Doug Davis, who works at the airport.

Shasta had been playing in her backyard when she somehow made her way through a broken fence and escaped. The curious pup went exploring and ended up trapped in the canal.

Deputy Doug Davis’ wife and daughter, Dhalia and Jasmine, brought Shasta back to the police department so they could thank her rescuers. Dhalia expressed her gratitude for their hard work, saying, “I don’t know what our home would be like at this hour if we still didn’t know where she was right now.”

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Thumbnail Photos: CBS Local — WFOR Miami

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