Sharon Stone Opens Up To Oprah About Her Near-Death Experience After Having A Stroke

by Lindsey Smith
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Actress Sharon Stone joined Oprah on her show on May 27, 2004, to discuss her eerie brush with death after her stroke in 2001.

“I had that whole white light thing,” she said.

She had gone to the doctor’s for an MRI when the weird sensation took over her body. “I kind of had that thing where it’s sort of like passing out, except you pass up,” she explained. “It’s a lot of white light and you see people that have passed on and they talk to you and you pop back into your body and you’re awake.”

Instead of feeling frightened during her near-death experience, Sharon told Oprah that she “had an incredible sense of well-being” while it was going on.

She went further to explain that, to her, death felt like it was right there and was so near.

But at the same time, Sharon had no fear. “[It’s] loving and gentle, and OK,” she smiled. “I felt so safe and so OK that all of the stuff that I was terrorized when the doctor was standing with his hand on my head giving me a horrible look… it felt OK.”

While she felt like death may have been coming and she was at peace, Sharon didn’t give up and knew that she wanted to continue to live — and thankfully she did!

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