Owner Thinks Mare Is Done Giving Birth After First Foal Only To Deliver ‘2-In-A-Million’ Twin

by Jess Butler
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When Shari Burns’ horse, Emma, gave birth, she never expected an extra surprise to get thrown into the mix.

The ranch owner had already delivered an astonishing 950 foals in her career, but she’d never experienced a birth quite like this.

In the video below, posted on June 5, 2017, Shari recalls the baby horse having “a red bag, which is where the placenta separates, starting the depletion of oxygen to the foal.”

Despite the difficult birth, the baby came out healthy — but it wasn’t over yet.

Just when Shari thought the horse birth was over, she saw something completely shocking.

She couldn’t believe her own eyes

“I looked and there was a second bubble with a foot. I was shocked,” Shari says.

She continued guiding Emma through the second birth, in utter disbelief that her horse was giving birth to these “two-in-a-million” foals.

It’s very rare for a horse to bring twin foals to term, let alone have them survive birth. Now that Shari’s horse has done that, she calls the birth “a miracle.”

In the end, due to their “will to live and grace as horses,” the twin foals were named Will and Grace.

Check out Will and Grace in the video below to see how they’ve grown, and please SHARE if you think these precious twin foals truly beat the odds!

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