Mom’s Dark, Tiny Shared Bedroom Gets A Complete Makeover — For Under $2,000

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The experience of sharing close quarters with a family member can be a bonding experience, though over time, it can really cramp a person’s style.

With that being said, how do you create a space for two people that is both livable and inviting? According to the IKEA Home Tour Squad, it really comes down to a few simple, space-saving, and organizational tricks to make the most of smaller rooms.

First, they recommend setting up a loft bed to make full use of a room’s vertical space and to make better use of the floor. Next, it’s important to maximize your closet space. Start by using low-profile hangers, which allow you to store more clothes in your closet. Then, add hooks to keep everyday items easily accessible. Finally, utilize clear, stackable storage boxes to help organize everything from makeup to books, and to keep items off the floor.

Wondering how easy it is to put these design tips into action? For their latest home-improvement challenge, the IKEA Home Tour Squad helped transform a mother and daughter’s shared bedroom into a relaxing oasis.

In the video below, single mom Gabriella reveals she’s been sharing a bedroom with her daughter. She knew it needed a major update, but she just wasn’t sure where to start — especially on a tight budget.

“Finding ideas to accommodate the two of us has been the biggest struggle,” she said. “It’s really not inviting. I would like it to be more of a sanctuary for us.”

According to Gabriella’s kids, their mom works nonstop and rarely gets a chance to relax. This is why they were thrilled to find out that the IKEA Home Tour Squad wanted to completely transform her bedroom — and for under $2,000!

Watch the video below to see Gabriella’s small, dark bedroom get a major makeover. You won’t believe how incredibly beautiful it looks after the team worked its magic.

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