Strangers Assume Disabled Man’s Girlfriend Is His Nurse While They Defy Expectations About Love

by Amy Paige
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Shane Burcaw, 26, has been in a wheelchair since the age of 2. He was born with spinal muscular atrophy, a progressive neuromuscular disease that prevents him from walking and moving his limbs.

Shane essentially has no muscles. He has never walked and never properly developed into a full-grown man.

For a long time, Shane worried his physical limitations would prevent women from wanting to date him, or that he’d only get dates out of pity. Finding true love simply felt like a hopeless endeavor.

One day, a 23-year-old college student named Hannah Aylward found herself enthralled by a certain YouTube video. It was an interview with Shane, who was candidly answering questions about his disability.

Hannah is able-bodied and doesn’t suffer from any of the health issues that Shane does. Inspired by his story, his wicked sense of humor and his charming personality, Hannah emailed Shane on a lark. The pair struck up a flirty online friendship; not only did they have a lot in common, but they could tell they also shared a physical attraction.

After a two-year long-distance relationship, Shane moved from Pennsylvania to Minneapolis and they’ve been together ever since.

There are still many people who see the couple together and have a hard time believing Hannah could truly love him. Whenever the pair ventures, it’s not uncommon for outsiders to assume she’s his sister or nurse.

Shane and Hannah have started documenting their relationship on their own YouTube channel.

Spend just a couple minutes with these two and you’ll see why they’re completely changing the public perception of love and its limitations… or lack thereof.

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