Mom Lives On The Streets After Escaping Sex Slavery Until Navy Sailor Brings Her To Safety

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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It can be hard to believe, but terrible things like sex slavery happen every single day in the United States.

Shandra Woworuntu is one example.

Shandra lost her job in 1998 at age 21, Pix 11 reports. The young mom had worked as a financial advisor in Indonesia, but after the Asian banking crisis hit, she was one of the many to lose their job.

Shandra had a young daughter to take care of, so a few years later, when she was 24, she responded to an ad for a job as a hotel waitress in New York City. She flew to New York, landed at the airport, and stepped into an unbelievable nightmare.

Shandra says the man who picked her up at the airport didn’t take her to a hotel. Instead, he sold her into sex slavery.

The details of Shandra’s slavery are horrific. She says she was sold “every 45 minutes,” for anywhere between $120 and $350.

Despite the terrible surroundings Shandra found herself in, she managed a dramatic and heroic escape when her captors told her they would be sending her to Boston for “work.” Shandra and a 15-year-old girl, who had also ended up in sex slavery, jumped from the second-floor bathroom window of the house they had been staying in. Then, they ran.

Eventually, Shandra ended up on the streets, until a Navy sailor found her and contacted the FBI, who finally brought her to safety.

Years later, Shandra is thriving. She even founded an organization, called Mentari, to help other victims of sex trafficking.

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You can help victims of sex trafficking by visiting Mentari.

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