Never Deal With Eyeshadow Fall Out Again With This Quick Makeup Hack

by Emerald Pellot
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Chloe Morello brings us an amazing beauty hack using none other than — don’t cringe — panty liners. It may seem a little weird, but you can get a huge pack of these from the dollar store, so why not give this a try?

So why are women everywhere putting sanitary napkins and panty liners under their eyes? It may sound strange but they make excellent dupes for Shadow Shields.

Shadow Shields are adhesive shields that you place under your eye to prevent eye shadow from trickling down to your cheeks. Ever try to do a glittery look or smokey eye and find that while your face looks glamorous, you’ve also managed to ruin your foundation with all the fallout? This panty liner will prevent that from happening again.

Shadow Shields cost $8-10 plus shipping, while panty liners will run you a dollar and tax. Don’t worry, this will be our little secret! While you’re at it, how about fixing all of those broken eye shadows with this 1 ingredient makeup hack?

Chloe came up with the idea in a brief stroke of genius. “Do not ask me how I came to the realization that Shadow Shields are essentially just mini panty liners… But it happened. I’m just so thankful for my brief moment of pure genius because heaps of you hadn’t thought of it before!” she says.

We agree. This is totally genius!

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