‘Sexiest Doctor Alive’ Says Taking Selfies With Fans Can Help Him Catch Their Cancer Early

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Mike Varshavski is not your average doctor.

In 2016, People magazine diagnosed Dr. Mike “sexiest doctor alive,” and, since then, his life has totally changed.

Nowadays, Dr. Mike is a well-known face in both the medical and entertainment worlds. He just finished up his residency and stopped by The Doctors for a quick catchup on TV.

Although Dr. Mike is now a bit of a celebrity in his own right, he says that all the extra attention is actually helping him save lives.

It’s not uncommon for people to approach Dr. Mike in the street because they recognize him from Instagram or TV. Sometimes they come up to ask him for medical advice, but, often enough, they just want to take a selfie.

But Dr. Mike says his rise in popularity means more and more people are coming to see him. And because he’s a doctor who focuses on prevention, he’s preventing more and more cases of cancer. As Dr. Mike puts it, “We can catch cancers early because of these selfies — it’s pretty amazing actually.”

We don’t usually think of famous people as lifesavers, but there’s no doubt that Dr. Mike is doing some really important work with his fame.

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Photos: Instagram / Doctor Mike

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