Drug Addicted Prostitute Works In Strip Clubs Until She Gets Pregnant And Becomes A Pastor

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Once a sex worker, Amy Miranda’s life has undergone a complete 180 and she is now a pastor, working for the Lodi Police Department in Lodi, California, as one of its religious chaplains.

In an interview with CBS Sacramento, Amy reveals that she lived her life as a drug addict and sex worker for years until she became pregnant, and turned her life around. Amy found her faith because of her baby, and started attending services at the Century Assembly Church, also attended by her grandmother.

Cut to today and Amy doesn’t just attend the Century Assembly Church — she’s a pastor there. She leads services and holds dance classes for seniors, despite her past. Amy told CBS Sacramento, “Having been an addict and sucked the life out of a community and the negative that I brought into a community, I’m excited about the positive that I can bring.”

When Amy applied to be a chaplain at the Lodi Police Department, her application was noticeably different from others. Amy says: “One of the questions is, you know, ‘Have you participated in prostitution,’ and I just put, ‘Well I was one.’ And then, ‘Have you attended strip clubs?’ And I just said, ‘Well, I was one.’ And ‘Have you done drugs?’ And so I listed them all.”

Her honesty helped land her the role, and she says it helps in her line of work as well. “I put it out there in the front, put down people’s guards, and if they want to talk about something, it’s like, ‘well, she’s pretty open,’” she says.

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Photos: CBS Local — KOVR Sacramento

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