Old Sewing Table Is Transformed Into An Adorable Drink Cart With Some DIY Love

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

When blogger and home decorator Linda Terry stashed an old sewing table in her garage, she knew it would one day be good for something.

She just wasn’t sure what yet. Meanwhile, the old sewing table was “gathering dust in the garage.”

Luckily, inspiration struck. With a few easy steps and a bright paint job, the table went from housing a nonexistent sewing machine and taking up space to providing a necessary service for any summertime party and looking adorable while doing it.

After a lifetime of use, furniture often gets worn out and unappealing, but if you’re clever and crafty like Terry, you can see under the shabby exterior to the real value of the piece.

Just like the DIY-er who turned a drab vanity into a fantastically girly statement piece, Terry was able to take an otherwise unremarkable piece of furniture and turn it into something cute and memorable.

And it was also super easy! Just some slight tweaking to the table’s interior, which was originally designed to stash a sewing machine, and a coat of paint made for a great way to breathe some new life into an unused piece.

Sewing tables can often be found in thrift stores, as they’ve become something of a rarity these days. Of course, if you have one kicking around and you don’t have a sewing machine, that works, too! Read on to see what Terry did with hers.

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The original sewing table, which is a table with a sunken portion meant to house a sewing machine, was not much to look at.

Terry started by removing the hardware and the old mechanisms.

She employed some help removing all of those bits, leaving a table with a foldable top and a large opening underneath.

The table was then wiped down with a damp cloth to remove any dust or other debris.

Terry then sprayed it with two coats of primer for an even surface. This would mask the relatively dark wood of the original surface and create a neutral color to paint over.

She then applied three thin coats of spray paint in a bright turquoise color to turn it into a cute accent piece. She also painted the handle white.

But at this point, it’s still just a table with a hole in it, right?

The addition of a plastic bin would change that, though!

After some trial and error, Terry found a bin that fit perfectly into the table’s preexisting cutout.

This would serve as a sort of mini cooler for ice and drinks, and because the bin can simply be removed, cleaning it is a snap — and there’s no worry about damaging the table.

The table is also quite sturdy, so the weight of the ice and drinks isn’t a concern.

The fold-out portion houses glasses, straws, and other accessories.

Check out how cute these butterfly glasses are!

It’s the perfect piece for a summertime party.

And when the party’s over, the plastic bin can be emptied and washed, and the table folded back up. It can even do double-duty as an end table.

If you’d like to see more cute home decor ideas, check out Terry’s blog.

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