Man Combines Heirloom Sewing Table With Giant Slab Of Wood To Create Gorgeous Table

by Laura Caseley
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Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

Antiques and vintage items are always great. They speak to the past, to long-ago days and customs, and if they’ve lasted this long, you know their craftsmanship is solid!

Even better is when an old piece is passed down through a family. It has history and meaning, and it can be celebrated for years to come.

But sometimes, even our treasured antiques need a little love, and sometimes they have to be altered a little bit to fit a modern life.

Such was the case with the old sewing table that Imgur user Svoerding inherited from his grandmother. Or more specifically, the base of an old sewing table.

The top, where the machine would have been attached, was long gone, and so the grandmother had turned it into a makeshift table by popping a piece of plywood on top.

However, Svoerding wanted something a little sturdier and something a little more stylish.

Sewing tables are beautifully crafted pieces of furniture, but in today’s world, they just don’t have the use they did in the past. Even if you like to sew, a modern sewing machine does away with the need for a whole table, and modern electricity does away with the old treadles.

Luckily, though, there are plenty of people who want to preserve their beauty and craft by making them functional again with some creative twists. One folding sewing table, for example, became an adorable drinks cart perfect for any summer gathering.

To see how Svoerding preserved the sewing table, read on!

[H/T: Reddit]

It all started with metal tubing when Imgur user Svoerding decided to turn the base of an old sewing table into a side table that the whole family could enjoy for years to come.

The trick, though, would be securing the base to the new top. That’s where these come in.

Svoerding attached bolts to the ends of the tubes (after a lot of measuring and grinding).

It’s not fancy, but it won’t be seen.

The tubes were then secured to the sewing table base. You can see here how pretty the metal table is, complete with the Singer “S” down near the bottom.

Even though the sewing machine parts are long gone, it would have been a shame to let this go to waste!

Then it was time to fit the top on. Svoerding found this raw-edged slab of wood on eBay and made sure to line everything up. Then the slab was sanded down.

The base was then bolted to the wood. You’ll also notice that the metal tubes were given a  few coats of matte black spray paint, which would cover up any unevenness or scratches.

It was all coming together!

You’ll notice that the placement of the table top looks uneven, but that was done on purpose. The base of the table is very wide, and so if the slab were centered, it wouldn’t be able to lie flush against a wall, because the table’s feet would meet the wall first.

The wood was given a few coats of satin polyurethane, to protect it and also to bring out the beauty of the grain.

The table was then used as a sofa table, and thanks to that offset placement, there’s no gap between the table edge and the back of the couch.

Plus, the beauty of the table’s base can be appreciated by everyone.

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