Feast Your Eyes On This Ice Cream Dish Worth A Whopping $1,000

by Karen Ruffini
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For most, a special celebration usually entails a delicious dinner, a bouquet of roses, or perhaps a fun weekend getaway.

Or you can go to Serendipity 3, where they serve a dessert so extravagant that it costs more than those three things combined.

The $1,000 Golden Opulence is a dessert that — you guessed it — costs a cool $1,000.

For the lucky group of people who have that kind of cash just lying around (I wish!), they can experience this iconic sweet indulgence, but it must be requested at least two days in advance so that they can fly in the rare ingredients.

Dripping with exotic chocolates and toppings that are flown in from halfway around the world, the Tahitian vanilla ice cream is served in a handcrafted crystal goblet that the guest gets to take home with them — as they should!

It’s worth $350 alone!

Add in things like caviar and chocolate almonds dipped in gold, it’s no wonder why this sweet treat carries such a hefty price tag. I’ve even seen caviar in makeup before, but never in ice cream!

And if you’re not impressed by cost alone, simply looking at the finished product is enough to awe someone!

It’s so beautifully presented, I’m not sure how someone would be able to dig in without feeling even the tiniest bit guilty!

You have to watch the video and see the list of incredible ingredients that are included in this iconic dessert. I guarantee that by the end, you’ll be cracking open your piggy bank to see if you’ve got $1,000 floating in your loose change!

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