Serena Williams’ Daughter Olympia Is Her Mini-Me In A Micro Version Of Her Iconic Tutu

by Angela Andaloro

Serena Williams is a force to be reckoned with.

After working her way back up to competitive tennis following complications while giving birth to daughter Olympia, Serena has made her comeback and done so with all of the kick-ass composure we’ve always known her to exhibit.

She just finished competing at the US Open in New York, and she was fierce as ever.

Serena has some quality cheerleaders on her side. Her husband, Alexis Ohanian, constantly goes out of his way to make it clear how much he admires his wife’s hard work and dedication to the things that matter to her, both on and off the court. Then there’s Olympia, who is now a year old and clearly her mama’s biggest fan. It’s no surprise that she has a little tennis racket of her own, and now she’s got a tutu outfit to go with it and match her mama!

There’s been a lot of buzz around Serena Williams recently. Aside for her triumphant return to the sport that made her a household name, she’s been making and breaking rules all around tennis.

There was some controversy last month when the French Open announced it wouldn’t allow the wearing of catsuits like the one Serena is pictured in at the Grand Slam tournament. The new rule was thought to be a shot at females in the sport and at Serena herself.

Still, Serena rose above it all. When questioned about it at a press conference ahead of the US Open, she said “Everything’s fine, guys.… When it comes to fashion, you don’t want to be a repeat offender.”

The US Open started well for the fierce athlete, who got a chance to play and defeat sister Venus during the tournament.

She also rocked some stunning tutus designed by Virgil Abloh on behalf of Nike. Serena is loving not just the look, but the functionality. According to CNN, Serena had this to say of it during a press conference, “Kind of aerodynamic with the one arm free. It feels really good. Yeah, the tutu is easy to play in because I practiced in it before. That was fun.”

The outfit got even better when it was also revealed that a tiny version was made for Olympia!

Virgil Abloh also sent over some adorable custom Nike shoes for Olympia!

Many people wonder if Olympia will take after her mom and aunt and dominate tennis courts around the world. Judging by this picture, she’s giving it some thought.

As for Serena, she made her way through the US Open playing some of the best tennis she’s played since returning to the sport after giving birth.

She competed in the US Open final against Japan’s Naomi Osaka. Although Naomi won, the victory was marred by controversy surrounding Serena’s interaction with the umpire.

During the entire competition, Serena always kept Olympia close by. The 1-year-old’s name is scrawled over Serena’s heart in this custom jacket she wore at the US Open.

Fans loved the sweet detail that Virgil included for Serena.

Despite the controversial penalty during the US Open final, fans are still super supportive of Serena.

serena olympia

Win or lose, she’s a true role model to so many and so much more than just a tennis player.