Bully Tells Mom To ‘Muzzle That Bratty Kid,’ But Mom Has The Perfect Answer

by Emerald Pellot
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Kristin Jackowski is a mom fighting the good fight for anyone with a child who behaves a little bit differently. Jackowski has received numerous rude comments about her 6-year-old daughter Navy’s behavior.

Things tend to get heated at the checkout line. Navy has autism and Jackowski is willing to admit that her daughter is prone to having a meltdown whenever she sees candy displayed at checkout.

It’s always the same; Navy wants the candy but Jackowski can’t buy it because the little girl can’t handle the sugar and will ask for it every single time thereafter due to her condition. People see the girl being fussy and make snarky comments, unaware that she has autism.

“Sometimes parents, or other customers, or other employees at this point will make comments like, ‘Just give her the candy already,’ someone said to me before, ‘Put a muzzle on that bratty kid,’” Jackowski told CBS.

But the mother came up with a solution that could help a ton of kids. She is asking for “sensory checkouts” with small toys instead of candy. She is hoping Target, a corporation known for being incredibly compassionate and accommodating to their customers, will make the change to set an example for other companies.

The mom started a petition — and it’s working…

Check out Kristin’s petition here!

“I would like to encourage large retailers, specifically Target to add sensory friendly checkout lanes in their retail stores. This would go a long way in creating an accepting environment for children that experience sensory overload issues by check out time after a shopping trip in your stores,” Jackowski writes.

Inform / CBS

“Our family struggles with this in particular because we have a child with Autism and her low impulse control and sensory overload issues are triggered by the plethora of sweets available in the check out lanes. Once the candy, chocolate, and other snacks are within arm’s reach, the meltdown is inevitable. Not a temper tantrum, a meltdown, and yes there is a difference!”

Inform / CBS

“The stares, comments, and eye rolls of disgust I could do without because the situation is already hard enough. If I see it, then my children are subject to that negative behavior as well. I would like to flip the script and turn this into a positive!”

The local Target already thinks it’s a brilliant idea but they have to get the idea all the way to the top of the company. Target has already responded and says the idea is a great one and in the right hands, although implementing it could take a while.

But Target isn’t the only company that wants to help kids with autism out there. ShopRite has already made the big change!

My childhood friend Dawn Marie shared my ideas with her longtime love/boyfriend Paul Kourtis whom is the director and he took it to the Burns family. They are the proud owners of this ShopRite and they have implemented a handicap accessible and sensory friend checkout lane at their store!

“They said it will be a permanent fixture at this location and we can’t thank the Burns family enough, such wonderful people to support this cause!”

I don’t know about all of you , but here at Team Navy home base we are bubbling with excitement! I’m so glad that standing up and asking for change actually does work! This will be beneficial to so many people and I can’t wait to make a trip to this flagship store supporting us!  

“I have a feeling many large retailers will follow suit! My heart is full and I don’t think I will ever be able to express in words the gratitude we are feeling!”

See more of how this mom is making big changes by speaking out for kids with autism in the video below!

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