Tough Biker Rides Past Animal Shelter, Then 18-Year-Old Senior Pit Bull Steals His Heart

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

Some love stories are written in the stars.

That seems to be the case for a tough biker named Wayne, who revealed he is secretly a softie at heart when he fell hard for a senior pit bull named Julep.

In an animal shelter, puppies get snapped up right away, but older dogs have a hard time finding their forever homes. Fortunately, organizations like Susie’s Senior Dogs step in to help bring more visibility to sweet senior dogs looking for love.

That’s how our hero Wayne Lerch first came face-to-face with his future partner in crime.

He spotted a picture online of an adorable, smiling pit bull with a white face and felt in his heart that it was the right match.

Still, he approached adoption cautiously. Even when he went to the shelter, he wasn’t sure that he was going to bring Julep home.

He drove to the shelter on his bike to avoid making an impulse decision; he wouldn’t be able to bring a dog home on his motorcycle.

However, when they met in person? Love at first sight!

Scroll through below to learn more about Wayne and Julep’s sweet story!

This cutie pie is Julep, and she has not had the easiest time in life. The sweetie-pie senior pit bull ended up in a shelter at 18 years old.

Shelter workers at the Humane Rescue Alliance shelter in Washington, D.C., immediately started looking for a home for this sweet dog, who doesn’t deserve to spend her golden years in a cage.

They shared her picture online, where she was an instant hit and shared all across the internet.

Before Julep landed at the shelter she had a happy life with a loving owner.

Sadly, Julep outlived her owner, who passed away earlier this year.

The elderly dog was heartbroken and had nowhere to go.

The shelter staff members were worried about her and wanted desperately for Julep to find a happy home to live out her remaining years.

Her picture started to get shared across the web, picked up by high-profile organizations like Susie’s Senior Dogs.

Eventually, her picture caught the eye of Wayne Lerch, and it felt like kismet.

Wayne had just suffered a loss himself; his elderly pit bull, Jasmine, died suddenly late last year.

When he spotted Julep, Wayne thought that maybe the two of them were meant for each other.

Still, Wayne was cautious. He drove his motorcycle to the shelter to meet her, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to take her home on the bike.

He didn’t want to make a hasty decision the minute he saw her.

Despite his best efforts, Wayne showed up before the shelter even opened and fell for Julep immediately.

Wayne immediately turned around and went home to get his car.

According to, “There wasn’t a dry eye in the room…the combination of her age and Wayne’s obvious adoration for his new ‘old lady’ left us in tears.”

He came back with his car and collected Julep to take her home.

Now, Julep is home with Wayne and happy as a clam. After a month in the shelter waiting to get adopted, she’s acting like a puppy again!

Learn more about adopting senior dogs on the Susie’s Senior Dogs page!

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