Teen’s Photo Is ‘Too Inappropriate’ For Yearbook So She Calls Out Topless Boys’ Swim Team

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Do you remember taking your senior portraits in high school?

The rules for my school were pretty strict. Girls had to wear white tops while guys had to wear a suit and tie.

But for plenty of other high school seniors, the rules are much more relaxed. Many teens take their senior portraits outside, dressed in their favorite outfit.

That’s exactly what one high school senior named Eleanor decided to do.

Eleanor donned a pretty yellow top and headed out to a nearby field to take her pretty senior portraits. But when she submitted them, her school refused to put the photos in the yearbook.

They said her photos were “too inappropriate” because her bralette was visible.

But when Eleanor held her senior picture side-by-side with pictures of the boys’ swim team, she pointed out an important double standard.

Keep reading to see the pictures.

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One of the many highlights of senior year of high school is getting senior portraits taken. For lots of students, it’s a chance to dress up in an outfit that makes them feel great and take some gorgeous pictures. That was the case for Eleanor.

Eleanor's senior photo

For her senior photo, Eleanor decided to wear a cute mustard-yellow top. Underneath the top, she wore a white, lacy bralette.

Eleanor's tweet

Eleanor looks happy and glowing in her pictures — but when she submitted them to school, she was told they were “too inappropriate.”

When Eleanor learned that she had to retake her photos, she was upset. She posted this side-by-side image of her rejected yearbook picture next to the official yearbook picture of the boys’ swim team.

Eleanor's tweet

Eleanor pointed out that she doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with the swim team’s picture — just like she doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with her own picture.

Thousands of people online responded to Eleanor’s comparison image. One dad said his daughter is in a similar situation right now, which is really taking a toll on her mental health.

replies to eleanor's tweet

Others say that you can’t really compare a sports uniform with an outfit.

replies to eleanor's tweet

But plenty of people were supporting Eleanor, saying she shouldn’t have to retake her photos because the picture wasn’t inappropriate in the first place.

What do you think? Is Eleanor’s photo just fine, or does her school have a point?

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