High School Seniors Spend Over $40,000 On Trip, But Find Out They Were Scammed At The Airport

by Giovanna Boldrini
Giovanna was born in Rome, Italy and currently resides in South Salem, New York. In her free time, she likes to cook with her children and grandchildren.

Dozens of teenagers from Southern California claim they’ve been scammed out of thousands of dollars — and a graduation trip to Cancún, Mexico — by a man running a shady travel company online.

The group told Fox 11 that George Barragan, owner of Senior Grad Trips, charged approximately $1,500 per person for the celebratory getaway that was supposedly scheduled to begin Sunday night. But when the teens arrived at LAX that evening, they were told that every single one of their tickets had been canceled.

“My friend got there first and her passport wasn’t swiping, there was nothing, no tickets under her name. Then we all got there and we kept trying,” said Angela O’Brien, one of George’s alleged victims. “Delta ended up telling us, they held the flight off for as long as they could, and they ended up telling us he canceled the reservation two days before the flight.”

The group then called their hotel in Mexico, only to discover that no reservations had been made in their names.

KVOA-TV reports that George is currently under investigation by the FBI and attorneys general in Texas and Arizona for similar swindles in other states.

George has since sent a letter to the affected teens to apologize and let them know that he would refund their money within 30 days — but that’s not enough for this group.

“I don’t want a refund,” Angela told Fox 11. “I want to press charges. I want him to go to jail.”

Footage provided by KTLA Los Angeles

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