Abandoned Senior Dog With An ‘Extra Foot’ Of Matted Fur Gets First Haircut In Years

by Emerald Pellot
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A San Francisco stray has undergone a stunning transformation thanks to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.

The 12-year-old dog, now named Beans, was given a second chance.

“Beans was found as a stray in Solano County. He was in horrible shape, and hadn’t been groomed in years,” said volunteer Patty Stanton.

Beans was in such poor condition, he even chewed through his own skin to relieve himself of the matted fur. His ears were nearly sealed shut by the hair. The volunteers believe he might have gone his entire life without being groomed.

Another volunteer groomer, Cindy Perry, considered Beans’ condition an “emergency groom.”

“When Muttville sent me a picture of Beans, I immediately classified it as an emergency groom, and I took a day off my regular job in order to give that poor boy some relief,” Cindy said.

While the small dog was a little confused at first, he eventually took to his big chop with a delight.

“Once he got all cleaned up, Beans was like a new dog with hope for the first time,” Patty said. “He immediately began running around Muttville like an excited puppy and was so grateful to have his filthy, long, matted coat finally off his body.”

Cindy added:

“Beans was actually a perfect name for him. He was full of beans! A total wiggle-worm, but not in a mean or angry way at all. I saw him shift from discomfort, confusion, and concern to what seemed like joy.”

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Photo: Caters News

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