Woman Asks Shelter ‘Who Is The Oldest, Hardest Dog To Adopt?’ — Then Takes Him Home With Her

by Kate Taylor
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It’s no secret that one of the most selfless things you can do for a dog is to adopt one. Luckily, dog adoptions have never been more popular, and hundreds of thousands of dogs are finding their forever homes every year.

With that said, people are far more inclined to adopt younger, healthier dogs than older ones.

Some shelters even lower adoption fees for senior dogs to mediate for this problem. The truth is, no one can be blamed for preferring to adopt a dog that they’ll be able to spend more time with. And you know what they say about old dogs and new tricks.

Of course, this leads to shelters being full of senior dogs, many of them with health problems accumulated over their difficult lives.

One Sacramento woman, Melani Andrews, decided to go against the grain and seek out a senior dog that she could make her new best friend.

Sacramento’s Front Street Animal Shelter takes in animals of all shapes and sizes with the hope that it will be a quick stopover before finding their forever home.

One such dog is 12-year-old Jake who, according to TODAY, was rescued off the street a few months ago in a dire condition.

Jake came into the shelter suffering from bad skin, teeth, and most unfortunately, untreatable terminal cancer.

Front Street staff member, Bobby Man told TODAY that Jake is a “good boy” but often got overlooked due to his age and health conditions.

Luckily, Jake’s guardian angel, Melani Andrews, wasn’t too far away.

Since the passing of her husband, Melani has been in need of companionship, which brought her to the animal shelter.

But what she said next is what truly sets her apart as an amazing person. She asked, “Who is the oldest and hardest dog to adopt?” That’s when shelter workers introduced her to Jake.

She and Jake spent a little time together at the shelter before she decided that she would take him home.


The pair have been inseparable ever since, and Melani got her wish of having someone to, “Spend her life with.”

She explains to TODAY that Jake isn’t quite ready for trips to the beach, but that he loves to play in the backyard and “torment the dog next door through a hole in the fence.”

Jake and Melani have been enjoying their time together since she adopted him in mid-August.

Melani’s kindness and willingness to take on such a project just goes to show how rewarding adopting a pet really can be, even if they come with a complicated medical record.

While Melani sadly knows that Jake’s cancer can’t be treated, she is determined to make his last days the best ones of his life.

His skin has greatly improved and he’s a much happier pooch and it’s all thanks to Melani.

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