Selma Blair Gets Candid About Why It’s So Important To Have A Strong Mom Village

by Angela Andaloro

Selma Blair has learned about the importance of having a community around her in the wake of her multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

The 47-year-old actress was diagnosed with MS last year. Since going public with her diagnosis last October, Selma has been very open about how the condition has impacted the various areas of her life, especially her experiences as a mother.

Selma has an 8-year-old son, Arthur Saint Bleick, whom she shares with ex Jason Bleick.

Luckily, Selma has had support from fellow moms in her life since her diagnosis. She recently spoke about the importance of having a mom community at the H&M x Sesame Street event at the clothing brand’s showroom in West Hollywood.

She dished to E! News about how two fellow moms in attendance, Ashlee Simpson Ross and Christina Milian, have been among her mom community and how crucial those friendships have been.

Selma Blair has learned a lot about leaning on others in the wake of her multiple sclerosis diagnosis. The star has been very candid about how the condition has impacted the various areas of her life.

Among the different subjects Selma has broached in relation to her MS, she has talked about how it has changed her as a parent. Between treatments and the effects of the illness, it’s been hard for her to keep up with her 8-year-old son, Arthur Saint Bleick.

Selma reflected on these changes and how grateful she was for Arthur’s dad, ex Jason Bleick, in a post after she returned home from a round of treatment. She wrote: “When I came home, I sobbed so loud in Arthur’s dads arms. Only he could know what I am fighting for. Our son.”

“I failed as a mom a million times yesterday. And Arthur was fine,” she continued. “The world didn’t stop. I was exhausted and just wanted to let us transition into each other’s space and there was an empty fridge and a lagging AC and I don’t know where anything is and it smells weird and he noticed my big belly but likes my bald head and I smell dog pee with my chemo senses and and and.”

Breathe. I cried. He laughed. He played a fishing video for me. We slept and woke and he took this. He is golden. Alive. Happy. Thank you universe,” she continued. Although she struggles, she’s grateful that so many people have helped her give Arthur the childhood she dreams of for him despite her own issues.

Selma attended the H&M x Sesame Street event at the clothing brand’s showroom in West Hollywood over the weekend. There, she talked to E! News about her love of shoes and the importance of having a mom community.

“Even though I don’t get to see them much,” Selma explained. “I’ve been around this town for so long, all the moms have kind of grown up here, gotten more mature here, so now no matter what, we all support each other. It just happens.”

Selma shared a mom community moment with fellow celebrity moms Christina Milian and Ashlee Simpson Ross. Selma gushed over Ashlee’s Alexander Wang heels. “I have no shame, I have no shame, my cane is on the ground, my legs akimbo, I’m like, ‘What is that shoe?'”

“Mine are Chanel,” Selma said of her own shoes. “I can’t wear a heel yet but Ash is my inspiration on the heel front.” Ashlee laughed along and agreed with Selma’s sentiments about having a mom community.

“It’s so important to have great mom friends and great friends,” Ashlee said. “It’s really nice.”

Selma couldn’t say enough about Ashlee. “[Ash] makes me smile, she’s so kind and funny and more importantly, I loved her shoes,” she joked.

“It feels good to have a community,” the Legally Blonde actress continued. “No matter where you are, it’s everything.” With the outpouring of love and kindness she’s seen since her diagnosis, it’s no wonder she feels so strongly.

Sarah Michelle Gellar has been a huge part of Selma’s mom community. She spoke about Selma at the Race to Erase MS Gala in May, where Selma was honored. “I know first hand that as friends and family, we only want to help, but we can never truly understand what that person is going through,” Sarah Michelle said.

And by showing these truths, Selma is letting other people know that they are not alone and that is a true friend,” Sarah Michelle continued. “I don’t think there is a stronger person that I know and I’m so proud to be her friend.”

Selma has been blessed to find so many people in her life to support her through this difficult journey. She’s so appreciative of her mom community and her son for their endless support as she navigates this new chapter.