Selma Blair Admits She Uses A Cane To Keep Her From Losing Her Balance Due To Multiple Sclerosis

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Selma Blair recently revealed that she now uses a cane following her multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

In October, the 46-year-old actress announced that she has multiple sclerosis.

She wrote that she’s likely had the disease for 15 years, but didn’t know what it was until 2018.

“I have had symptoms for years but was never taken seriously until I fell down in front of [the doctor] trying to sort out what I thought was a pinched nerve,” she wrote on Instagram, adding that she was “relieved” to finally nail down a diagnosis.

Since then, Selma has remained incredibly open about her journey with the disease on Instagram. On Christmas Eve, she posted her very first photo of herself using a cane to help her keep her balance.

“What’s with the cane?” one fan commented.

Selma replied simply: “I use one.”

This is Selma’s new normal, and tons of other people with MS can relate.

Selma Blair was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in August 2018.

Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is a “neurodegenerative disease,” Selma explained. There are different forms of MS, and the disease can cause a range of symptoms. Selma’s symptoms include numbness and loss of coordination.

“I don’t always get the [nerve] impulses from brain to body. And fall and lose balance,” she explained to a fan.

For that reason, the mother of one has begun to use a cane — a common tool for people with MS and other chronic illnesses.

On December 24, Selma posted her first photo of herself using a cane on Instagram.

The photo was taken at the Kardashian-Jenner Christmas Eve party, and while the cane wasn’t even mentioned in the caption, people couldn’t help but ask questions.

So Selma explained more in the comments. She uses the cane to help keep her balance, and she also uses it to alert others that she may have trouble walking.

“I usually hold onto someone’s arm if possible. But I need a balance. A cane,” Selma wrote. “My cane is also to alert people I may trip (likely) or fall or slur.”

People with MS and other similar conditions flocked to the comments to thank Selma for being so open about her cane use — and for making it look cool as heck.

A few days later, Selma followed up with another photo of herself with her cane. She added a quote from writer Jean Améry to the caption.

“I had grasped well that there are situations in life where our body is our entire self and fate. I was in my body and nothing else… My body was my calamity,” she wrote.

Again, she opened up more about her MS in the comments. She revealed that she can’t feel part of her body anymore.

“I can’t feel my left side still and afraid I will injure it,” she wrote in response to a comment. “Total anesthesia limbs. I crash to bathroom every night.”

And she wrote about her difficulty accepting that she can’t do everything that she used to do before her diagnosis.

“Ms is different for everyone,” she said. “It is an adjustment I will not totally accept. I can’t feel most of my body. I feel short tempered with my limitations sometimes. I want to jump and ride my horse again.”

Fans and commenters continued to be deeply moved by Selma’s vulnerability.

Especially fellow sufferers of MS and other chronic illnesses.

As Selma wrote: “Wounded storytellers need a voice. Healed or in remission or still chronically ill. Stories and healing of some sort can be shown.”

Over the next couple days, Selma posted more photos of herself both with and without her cane, still looking unbelievably cool.

“Total Chaplin,” she bragged in reply to a fan who said she looked “hot” with the cane.

Some fellow MS “warriors” even called for Selma to release a line of fashion-friendly canes!

But that might not be necessary. She actually got her cane on Amazon — as if she couldn’t get more relatable.