12 Affordable Self-Care Items All Moms Want In 2020

by Karen Belz
Karen Belz has written for sites such as Bustle, HelloGiggles, Romper, and So Yummy. She's the mom of a sassy toddler and drinks an alarming amount of Sugar-Free Red Bull in order to keep up with her.

I remember exactly how it felt when our worlds rapidly started changing this past March. My first point of action was to give advice to others.

As someone who has worked from home for years — with a toddler by my side most of the time — I felt as if my transition might have been the smoothest out of everyone I knew.

My daughter wasn’t home all the time, but close enough. We had enrolled her for two days a week at our local KinderCare. Those were the days when I was able to freely go to doctor’s appointments, hit up Trader Joe’s, or just have a little me time while working. It was a nice arrangement.

I never realized I’d miss those two days so much. While there were plenty of pros about the situation (like seeing my husband way more than I used to), it’s easy for anyone to feel overwhelmed. And I have just one kid — not multiples. My daughter also grew up pretty quickly within this time. Turns out, 3-year-olds are very chatty. And also very hilarious. It suddenly was much tougher to get things done.

For months, I scoffed at self-care. Who had time for that? A glass or two of wine on tough nights was usually an OK solution. But it was also impractical. For one, alcohol makes me exhausted the next day since I’m no longer in my 20s. Secondly, nobody can operate at their best when they don’t carve out legitimate time for themselves.

I know I’m not alone. Moms everywhere have had a tough year. So here are 12 great self-care items that we should all purchase and actually use. Because we deserve this.

Strong Woman Mug


It might not be the mug that’s part of a self-care routine. Instead, it’s what you put in the mug. Treat yourself to a hot chocolate or another fun drink, and remind yourself that you truly are a strong woman. Much like Frida Kahlo.

Shop Now: Strong Woman Mug (ModCloth, $17)

Blanc Therapy Face Masks


Amazon always has great deals on face masks. These, in particular, are incredible for your skin. Personally, I’ve bought them a bunch. Put one on before you go to bed, and maybe start binge-watching a show on Netflix. You’ll feel much more relaxed without worrying about breaking the budget.

Shop Now: Blanc Therapy Face Masks (Amazon, $6.97)

CBD Bath Bombs


By now, you’ve probably heard of CBD. It’s legal for all adults to use and won’t get you high or inebriated whatsoever. Instead, it’ll just make you feel better. Try one of these CBD bath bombs the next time you need to relax.

Shop Now: CBD Bath Bomb (Uncommon Goods, $15)

XtremepowerUS Massage Gun


You might not have thought that Home Depot would be the place to find a massage gun. You might not have even heard of the term “massage gun” before now. That said, it’s hard not to buy one of these, especially if you constantly have stiff or sore muscles. It also helps to improve your circulation.

Shop Now: Massage Gun (Home Depot, $45.31)

Mario Badescu Facial Spray


If your skin is feeling a little dehydrated, this facial spray may be the perfect way to feel revived. It won’t negatively affect makeup and will leave you feeling refreshed, especially due to the rosewater. It’s like a quick pick-me-up.

Shop Now: Mario Badescu Facial Spray (Amazon, $11.90)

'Let That Sh*t Go' Journal


Writing in a journal can be completely therapeutic. And this particular journal is perfect for any mom who might have a little bit of a potty mouth — because aside from the cover, this book isn’t censored. This honest yet fun journal is a great step forward if you’re looking to better yourself and find more inner peace.

Shop Now: “Let That Sh*t Go” Journal (Amazon, $8.99)

Gold Ear Seeds


I know what you’re thinking. “What the heck are gold ear seeds?” In a way, it’s almost like acupressure for your ears. They’re meant to help you destress — and look cool while doing it. And good news: Anthropologie sells them.

Shop Now: Gold Ear Seeds (Anthropologie, $34)

Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker


Everyone can make coffee. But not everyone can make iced coffee quite as easily. Yes, it’s possible — but it takes plenty of steps. Take the hard work out of it by treating yourself to this iced coffee maker, which can save you up to $800 a year if you’re used to stopping at Starbucks. To also save you some stress, this model has been created with a drip-stop function to prevent mess.

Shop Now: Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker (Target, $29.99)

Aura Cacia Discover Relaxation Kit


Essential oils can serve a ton of great purposes. But let’s be clear — they should never substitute any treatment plan given to you by a doctor, nor should many of them be ingested. Using them to relax and set a tone is completely different, and this kit is a great starter.

Shop Now: Aura Cacia Discover Relaxation Kit (Target, $18.99)

Mermaid Soaking Salts


Have you ever pretended you were a mermaid while soaking in the bathtub? OK, maybe it’s just me. But even so, the experience is even better with these mermaid soaking salts. The salt mixture, which gets added to the bath, contains Himalayan rock salt, lavender, and eucalyptus. It’ll be the most blissful bath you’ve ever had.

Shop Now: Mermaid Soaking Salts (Little Box of Rocks, $28)

Unwind Lavender Gift Set


Out of all the scents, lavender is one of the most pleasant. That’s probably why Sarah Burrows and Nick Behr chose to center around lavender for this luxurious gift set. You get a lavender grow kit, a soy candle, a sleep mask, and even pillow spray to help you sleep soundly.

Shop Now: Unwind Lavender Gift Set (Uncommon Goods, $50)

Mindfulness Cards


Self-care is often a mental exercise. You need to know how to breathe, how to relax your mind, and how to forgive yourself. These mindfulness cards will set you straight if you need a reminder. These cards will help you develop insight and find what truly makes you happy. At the very least, they’ll give you a much-needed break in the day to focus on yourself.

Shop Now: Mindfulness Cards (Amazon, $12.99)

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