Sea Turtle Gets Fatal Crack In Shell After Boat Hits Her, Then Students Print Her A 3D One

by Mauricio Castillo
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Seemore the sea turtle is one of the more popular animals at the Sea Life public aquarium. Unfortunately, Seemore’s stay at the aquarium had been more out of necessity than anything else. After she got hit by a boat, her shell was left with a fatal crack.

In the wild, Seemore’s chances of survival were slim at best. You see, a turtle shell’s is a supremely important part of their body, and the crack in Seemore’s left her susceptible to gas accumulation under her skin.

Her ability to dive underwater would be hindered immensely, and sea turtles have to be able to dive.

The condition caused by the cracked shell is actually known as Bubble Butt Syndrome.

That name may sound funny, but it’s a very serious condition!

The aquarium created a series of weights that could be attached to Seemore’s shell to offset the gas, but it was a temporary solution at best that half the time, Seemore herself just worked out of.

But they weren’t going to let Seemore’s condition get worse.

They reached out to students at the University of Minnesota’s Institute for Engineering in Medicine for help.

The students came up with a unique plan: printing a 3D model of the shell in order to create a prosthetic for her!

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Thumbnail Source: Flickr/Nataša Stuper

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