A Dog Blind Since Birth Gets A Seeing Eye Companion Of His Own

by Caroline Bayard
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Dogs are often referred to as “man’s best friend,” but this video proves they can be pretty great pals to one another, too.

This is the touching story of a blind dog named Tanner and how he went from just another dog who needed to be put down to one half of the most inspirational duo. This beautiful golden retriever, who was born completely blind, did pretty well without his eyesight for a long time. As you can see in this video, blindness is not always a curse for animals, but once the 2-year-old started to have uncontrollable seizures every night, some veterinarians recommending putting the dog out of his pain and suffering once and for all.

That all changed when his life was saved by a fellow furry friend. Blair was a black lab mix who had been turned into the same animal hospital where Tanner was living. This abandoned puppy had some problems of her own, as she had been shot and very timid around humans. However, when she met sweet, gentle Tanner, the two formed an instant connection.

Two dogs who were both incomplete now make each other whole, as Blaire guides her new best friend through life as a seeing eye dog for a dog.

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