Mom Checks Security Footage And Sees Thief Was Inside Home While Her Family Was Asleep Upstairs

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

When Sarah Buck and her husband awoke on February 7, 2018, they found some disturbing footage on their indoor home security camera.

The camera showed a stranger lurking inside their home and stealing their possession while the family — which included a baby — were upstairs sleeping.

“It’s the most unnerving thing,” Sarah told KSTU. “It just feels violating … there’s been somebody in my home.”

The creepy burglar snuck inside the house after the family forgot to shut the garage door. He took house keys out of their unlocked car and walked in through the front door. “He comes in just right around the corner, he checks out the place for a couple seconds and then immediately … my wallet’s the first thing he grabs,” Sarah explained.

Thankfully they’re safe but the family of three had two laptops, credit cards, a garage door opener, keys, and their vacuum cleaner stolen that night. “We’re extremely nervous,” Sarah confessed. “Both of us have said we’re not sleeping much tonight.”

The family plans on getting a security system installed along with new locks so they can rest a little easier from now on.

According to KSTU, two thieves were inside the home, but only one was caught on the security footage in the video below.

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Footage and photos provided by KSTU Salt Lake City

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