Security Cam Records Pool, Then Dad Sees Chilling Footage Of Strangers Spotting Lifeless Son

by Amy Paige
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It was supposed to be a relaxing day by the pool, but it was anything but. It all started when residents of an apartment complex in Lyndhurst, Ohio, heard screams coming from the deep end of the swimming pool.

A man ran to the scene and threw his shoes off before diving into the water, where he found a little boy lying motionless at the bottom.

The 7-year-old boy had gone underwater in the deep end — and stayed down there for five terrifying minutes.

In the chilling security video below, pool-goers shout for help and gather around the pool. At first, no one could manage to pull the boy to the surface.

But the people who helped that day were about to prove they were all “angels” in their own right.

Like Abigail Ertel, a nurse, who started CPR once rescuers finally pulled the boy out of the pool.

And like the witness who called 911. And Kevin Crown, the police officer who rushed to the scene, ran into the pool area, and took over CPR.

Each minute was more crucial than the last. This child was “on the brink of death.”

Seconds before the ambulance took the boy to the hospital, his father says a miracle occurred.

Footage provided by WJW Cleveland

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