Brazen Thief Caught Stealing Security Camera Didn’t Notice Another Cam Filming The Whole Thing

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

In what is possibly one of the purest examples of irony ever, a man in San Francisco ended up getting arrested for stealing a security camera — all thanks to the footage captured by cameras surrounding the one he stole!

Talk about bad luck — at least, for the thief.

According to CBS San Francisco, a local resident named Andrew Murdock watched his security footage only to see a man stealing a security camera off his property.

Now, in the mind of a thief, I imagine the idea of stealing a security camera would make sense. He probably thought he was removing an obstacle. For the man in the video below though, it ended up being his undoing.

You see, the thief didn’t realize that Andrew had multiple cameras on his property, all recording the same footage!

Andrew used all the clips obtained by his cameras to create a video titled “Camera Thief,” which he then posted on YouTube.

In a bizarre twist of fate, Andrew spotted the man walking down the street the very next day. He recognized the man from a bandana around his neck. He called 911 and, within moments, the suspect was on the ground, having surrendered to officers.

According to CBS, the man was cited with misdemeanors and given a court date.

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Photo: CBS San Francisco/Andrew Murdock

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