Renter Opens Trap Door And Discovers Spooky 200-Year-Old Dungeon Hidden Under His New Apartment

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

Imgur user demc7 moved into a new apartment and, like anyone with a new space, he was pretty excited about it. He was also happy that although his new place was small, he’d gotten a pretty good deal in terms of rent.

But what he discovered would either make the deal truly amazing — or not worth it at all!

While checking out his new digs, demc7 noticed something a little unusual, and certainly not in the lease description! In fact, it came as a complete surprise.

What he discovered was a secret underground system of tunnels and chambers that had been lying quietly under his apartment building for nearly 200 years.

Unlike a certain luxury fallout shelter in one family’s backyard, its purpose isn’t entirely clear, and it’s been unused for decades.

Check out what he discovered — and what he still has yet to explore — in his new apartment that suddenly just seriously increased in size.

Would you be brave enough to explore the way demc7 did? What’s the weirdest discovery you’ve made in your own home? Let us know in the comments!

When Imgur user demc7 moved into his new apartment, he was thrilled!

This apartment is one of about 30 in a renovated 19th-century building that used to be a monastery. That means it has lovely high ceilings and some great history!

According to demc7, his was one of the smaller units on the ground floor. He doesn’t mind the small size, and liked that it was relatively cheap to rent.

Upstairs is a loft area for the bed.

And there’s a shower and checkered floor in the bathroom.

But there’s also something else in this photo. Do you see it?

He was just as surprised to find it as you are.

It appeared to be a hatch leading to… somewhere. The lease made no mention of it.

“This is how a lot of horror movies start,” you might be thinking.

But really, how could you resist opening a mysterious trap door in your new home?

He opened it to find some storage space.

Oh, a bit of underfloor storage for some tools and old paint cans,” he writes. “Pretty unexciting. Of course there couldn’t be a secret dungeon complex under my bog-standard studio I rented for small money, that only happens in poorly written movies.”


And then…

“This can’t be true, that’s definitely a staircase!”


It seems those poorly written movies do actually have some grounding in real life!

So naturally, he had to check it out.

But since he’s seen plenty of those poorly written horror movies about secret places, he didn’t go every far until he had some company.

“We have a dungeon… At this point I couldn’t believe my luck, and was completely freaked out since it was so unexpected,” he recalls.

“I suspected the dungeon stretched beneath the entire building, so I sealed the hatch (with the bathroom door wedged over it) and awaited backup.”

Together with a friend, he we took the plunge into the mysterious “dungeon.”

Underneath the building was a whole network of hatches, rooms, and corridors. It continues for a long way, though some of the areas are only accessible via small openings.

There’s also what appears to be a space between the ceiling of the dungeon and the floors of the apartments above.

Some of the ceilings are vaulted, and most look like they haven’t been altered since they were built.

There was, though, evidence that others had been exploring in the more recent past. This graffiti seems relatively modern.

In one larger room, they found a low bier made from brick.

Bed, or crypt?” demc7 wondered.

But he decided that whatever it was, “it’ll make a good seat for a potential home cinema, or else for a dungeon party.”

Most mysteriously of all, neither demc7 nor his friend saw any other staircases leading up to surface level. It appears that for now, demc7 alone holds access to the underground chambers.

After speaking to a few residents, he learned that when the building was renovated, the construction workers had gone down, but that no one had since.

It’s still unclear what this space was used for, or why a single trap door was installed for it. But demc7 knows one thing: he’s doing more exploring!

Would you be brave enough to explore something like this in your home? Let us know in the comments below.

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