German Man Finally Unveils Forgotten Stretch Of Berlin Wall That He Secretly Discovered In 1999

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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In 1989, the Berlin Wall fell. Ten years later, one man discovered that some of it had been left standing.

According to The Washington Post, a German man named Christian Bormann discovered a portion of the wall was still intact in Pankow, in northern Berlin. The bit of still-standing wall was seemingly forgotten by the world, so Christian took it upon himself to protect and preserve what he knew would one day be a piece of history.

Christian told The Washington Post that he didn’t tell anyone about the portion of the wall he’d discovered because he thought it would get torn down soon afterward. He said, “Berlin wasn’t ready for this discovery when I came across it… But now, 20 years on, people realize how significant this discovery really is.”

When Christian first spoke out about the find on his blog, authorities were unsure his claims were legitimate — but on February 5, 2018, the Berlin government’s culture ministry confirmed its authenticity and awarded it “protective status,” ABC News reports.

The stretch of wall that Christian discovered all those years ago is 160 feet long, according to The Washington Post. It is now beginning to draw attention from tourists and local history buffs, who are excited to see a piece of history still standing in Berlin.

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Photos: University of Minnesota Institute of Advanced Studies; Caters News

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