Husband Cheats On Her For Months, Then Starts Dying—But Scorned Wife Is His Only Donor Match

by June Rivers
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Rebecca and Robert got married in 2001. They’d both been married before, but this time they were convinced they’d found their forever partners.

Five years after tying the knot, and with three children to raise, marital problems began to arise. Rebecca, however, ignored the red flags.

But then came the devastating truth. After uncovering some suspicious texts on his phone, Rebecca learned Robert had a four-month affair with a female coworker.

The scorned wife was humiliated and heartbroken.

After grappling with the idea of divorce, Rebecca decided to fight for her marriage. Just as things were getting better, Robert suffered a heart attack and his health took a turn for the worse. It wasn’t long before he was fully dependent on her care.

“At this point, it started coming out that I had not truly forgiven him,” Rebecca told The 700 Club. “I wasn’t being the loving wife that I should. [The affair] was still in the back of my mind.”

Robert was diagnosed with kidney failure, and he needed a donor match as soon as possible. At first, Rebecca realized she had no real interest in helping her unfaithful husband.

But this story doesn’t end how you may think. Watch the video to see what I mean, and please SHARE it with your friends on Facebook.

Video Credit: The 700 Club

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