Horse Whisperer Saves A Nervous Pony Scheduled To Die And Trains Him To Become A World Champion

by Paul Morris
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Petrified of humans, Bear is a pony in Exmoor, UK, that grew up with a lot of trust issues.

Due to the delicate balance of mares and fillies that’s needed to stop these beautiful animals from going extinct, it became very likely that this nervous pony was going to be culled for the good of the herd.

But it wasn’t even fair; this pony was doomed to fail. Someone had branded him all over his rump, back, and shoulders when he was just a little baby. Horrible burns up and down his body caused him, from a very early age, to see all humans as bad guys.

So just when it became clear that Bear was going to have to be put down, a horse whisperer by the name of Dawn Westcott arrived to save his life and give him the second chance that he so desperately deserved.

It took a lot of training, and even more trust, but eventually this beautiful animal was trained to have self-confidence all over again. While his past injuries will never be forgotten, this beautiful animal was trained by Dawn to become a world champion in the International Horse Agility World Championship.

Watching this duo in action, it’s unbelievable to think that he was doomed for death simply because he was understandably nervous being around humans. It took the heart of someone great to see that this guy had potential, and we’re so happy for his sake, along with the awareness he raised to help save his kind!

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