Photographer Quits His Day Job To Travel The Country In A Converted Van With His Wife

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Scott Gable is a photographer who is living the dreamand his photographs prove it.

Scott and his wife Sarah Grzeskowiak quit their day jobs in Buffalo, New York, almost two years ago.

They converted an empty cargo van into a traveling workspace called “The Big Scout,” and they’ve been traveling the country ever since.

The couple originally got the idea because Scott regularly traveled for work, and he figured why not do this full-time?

“At a certain point I realized I could do these trips much more comfortably,” Scott told Story Trender. “Then realized I never really needed to come back home.”

They’ve now traveled to 23 states in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Scott’s photographs are unbelievably gorgeous.

Transforming the cargo van into a mobile workplace was a massive project; it took two years to finish. The van uses solar power, and it features a sink, stove, couch, and bed. There’s also a full photo-editing station.

“The van was delivered as just an empty shell,” Scott said. “I woke up and went to sleep many days with nothing but van on my brain and now consider myself pretty mechanically adept.”

Scott and Sarah spend a lot of their time on the West Coast, and they say they plan on heading to Alaska later this spring.

See the couple’s impressive van for yourself in the video below!

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