School Construction Halts When 79-Year-Old Time Capsule Is Found Hidden In The Brick Walls

by Lindsey Smith
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A construction crew at Dale High School in Dale, Oklahoma have uncovered a 79-year-old time capsule dating back to 1938 in the brick walls.

The entire treasure trove would have gone down with the walls if someone didn’t spot it nestled in the brick.

“We were this close to letting this go away with demo, not ever finding this huge historical treasure for Dale Public Schools,” Charlie Dickinson, the superintendent for Dale Public Schools, says. 

A metal box containing dozens of papers from early teachers and students were all in pretty good condition given the seven decades they have been hidden away.

“October 19th of 1938 is when it was placed,” Charlie says. “Every class from 1st grade through 12th grade, there’s a class list of all the students. There’s a list of all of the teachers.”

The time capsule also included an old textbook, newspapers, and a letter from the very first year the school was opened in 1919. “That’s what gets me about this is how big of a deal this was, a huge deal. Building their school, they get the update of the gym in 1938, and they built on again,” Charlie says.

In order to preserve the 79-year-old documents, Charlie has decided to make copies of all the original papers then seal them back up into the time capsule. He then wants to put that box in a bigger one and add items from 2018 to the time capsule once the construction is finished next year.

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Footage provided by KFOR Oklahoma City

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