Mystery Pooper Terrorizes High School Every Day Until School’s Own Superintendent Is Exposed

by Amy Paige
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In September 2017, a woman in Colorado Springs made headlines for defecating outside during her morning jog on neighbors’ yards and sidewalks.

It’s also been reported that the entire city of San Francisco has a “public poop problem” that has become so out of hand that a poop map was created to warn residents which areas to avoid.

Serial poopers are typically acting out their aggression and/or resentment while trying to make a statement, as cringeworthy as it may be. Clinical psychologist Sharon Chirban, Ph.D., spoke with Men’s Health to shed some light on the bizarre trend: “As with other vandalizing behavior like tire slashing, graffiti, or salting lawns, the motivation is anger or envy.

Maybe the lawn pooper is envious of those in that neighborhood. Maybe the laundry pooper is angry about the laziness of others to empty washers in a timely fashion.” Chirban also says the behavior may signify an addiction or other behavioral health issue.

Yes, the term “serial pooping” is now a thing, and there’s a brand new case taking over the internet. This story is perhaps the most strange and troubling of all, if for no other reason than the identity of the pooper in question.

In the spring of 2018, Holmdel High School in New Jersey became a frequent target of public defecation. Track coaches and administrators kept finding human feces on or near the school’s football field and track… but no one could pinpoint the poopetrater.

Employees said happened on a daily basis!

Eventually, New Jersey police decided to set up a sting operation by placing cameras near the football field — and now the case of the mystery pooper has been solved.

No one expected it to be him

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