Mom Checks Voicemail To Find School Staff Left Accidental Message Badmouthing Her Autistic Son

by Amy Paige
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Leighanne Bromley called her 10-year-old son’s school to tell them he’d be staying home sick with a cold.

Hours later, she looked at her phone, saw she had a missed call, and clicked on the subsequent voicemail. Within seconds, she was shocked.

The hardworking mom stood there in disbelief as she heard staff members from her son Harley’s school badmouthing and making derogatory comments about him.

As you’ll hear in the disturbing voicemail below, one female staff member asks when Harley will be returning to school. Thinking she hung up the phone, the employee goes on to say, “And make sure he’s off all f***king week” while her coworkers join in with comments of their own and laugh at Harley’s expense.

Harley has autism and has attended his school — where half of the students are on the autistic spectrum — for nearly five years. He’s described as a sweet and funny boy with a kind heart. He certainly doesn’t deserve to be treated this way by the people who are supposed to provide him with care and safety.

Leighanne was so outraged by the accidental voicemail that she decided to go public. The school responded with an apology, but the concerned mother is fearful to send Harley back.

Check out the voicemail below.

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