Dad Opens Door To Ordinary-Looking School Bus, Reveals Rustic Tiny Home For 5 People

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Many people dream of living a nomadic lifestyle — traveling around the country or world with their families as they experience different global cultures.

With the birth of the tiny house movement, more and more people have gotten to see their dreams become reality. Tiny homes offer people a lot of benefits: they’re less expensive than traditional houses, they’re energy-efficient, they force you to downsize your belongings, and they’re mobile.

Many tiny houses are built on trailer beds, so they can be hitched to a car and moved to different locations. It’s like camping full time, but with all the amenities and luxuries of being home.

Some people take the tiny home idea one step further, turning trucks or vans into their own personalized tiny houses. One family decided to truly go pedal-to-the-metal with their tiny home: a renovated school bus.

Brian and Starla Sullivan fit comfortably in their school bus home with their three children, which has all the features you’d expect to see in a modern house, including a washing machine, ample kitchen counter space, and even a play area for the three kids.

So how do they make it all work? Like many tiny houses, everything is dual-purpose. The bathtub serves as storage when it’s not in use, the seating area expands to fit a full-size guest bed, and the kids’ play area has a fold-down mattress that serves as one child’s bunk.

Some people might think it’s cramped, but this family thinks it’s cozy — they love being together.

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