Woman Sees Stranded School Bus On Hot Day, Peers Inside To Find 40 Overheated And Hungry Teens

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

Linda Sanders was driving down Interstate 95 in Florida when she spotted something odd: a large yellow school bus stopped on the side of the road.

Other drivers were passing the school bus seemingly without giving it a second look, but not Linda.

Seeing a school bus parked there on such a hot day struck her as strange. Linda decided to stop and investigate.

“The heat index was over 100 degrees, something insane,” she recalled.

She was shocked to discover that inside the bus were 40 teens, along with six adults.

For two hours, they had been stranded in the broken-down bus, dealing with the searing heat.

“I see all these kids on the bus. They looked miserable.”

In fact, the teens had been on their way back from a water park, part of a summer program, when the bus broke down.

Linda took one look at the situation before getting back in her car and driving away. She went straight to a market, bought 48 bottles of water and 60 Popsicles, and drove back to the bus.

She distributed the items to the teens, their five chaperones, and the bus driver.

Gauging the situation further,  she decided the water and ice cream wouldn’t suffice. She left again, this time to bring back pizza.

However, when she returned, the entire group was pulling off in a new bus.

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