Woman Tries To Buy New Dog After Her Beloved Schnauzer Dies Only To Be Scammed Out Of $400

by Kat Manos
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Jo Standridge loves schnauzers. And after losing her beloved pet schnauzer, she was eager for a new companion to join her.

Hoping to find another dog, she went to the website “Best Mini Schnauzers” and was hopeful when she saw they were having a sale on one of the dogs.

“I ran across this website, and it said ‘sale,’ which is my middle name,” Jo laughed.

The site was offering purebred schnauzer puppies for 50% off the normal asking price, and she fell in love with a dog named Latifa.

The price of the dog was only $400 and $150 for shipping, which Jo was prepared to pay.

Except when Jo tried to pay for the dog through PayPal, she kept getting an error.

“I called him, and I said, ‘It won’t go through. I keep getting this error message.’ And he said, ‘Why don’t you, tomorrow, Western Union to me?'” Jo explained.

Jo sent the money the next day, only to later learn that the shipper wanted more money for additional insurance. When she changed her mind and tried to call to cancel the money she’d sent, it was too late.

The helpful website “Pet Scams,” meanwhile, is trying to stop scams like the one Jo managed to fall for — they’ve gotten similar complaints about “Best Mini Schnauzers” and hope to end the cycle of issues.

Experts warn to avoid scammer sites as they tend to target pet owners who’ve just lost beloved pets and are hoping for a replacement animal.

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