Italian Restaurant Claims Its Food Can Induce Labor. 300 Moms Say It’s Completely True

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Everyone who’s ever had a baby knows that the final weeks of pregnancy can be brutal. You’re uncomfortable and anxious to meet your baby, so you’ll do anything to induce labor (especially if you’re already past your due date).

While some women try things like dancing or working out, others drink castor oil or take herbal supplements to try to speed up the process. If none of that sounds fun, though, there’s another option.

Scalini’s, an Italian restaurant in Cobb County, Georgia, boasts more than just their delicious food: its owners claim that their famous eggplant parmigiana can induce labor in pregnant women.

Sounds crazy, right? Well, over 300 women have given birth within 48 hours of eating at the restaurant. These babies, which the restaurant lovingly refers to as “eggplant babies,” are honored in the restaurant.

In the 25 years that they’ve been open, pregnant women have flocked to Scalini’s to get a bite of their labor-inducing eggplant parm.

The “eggplant babies” have become an essential part of Scalini’s appeal — pictures of the children even adorn the walls.

There’s a sign hanging in the restaurant that invites pregnant women to join the “2nd generation club.”

The sign says, “If you are 9 or more months pregnant and you are ready to deliver, eat the eggplant parmigiana! Wives tales have it that this dish induces labor. If your child is born within 48 hrs. of your eating at Scalini’s, he/she will be automatically registered as a lifetime member to Scalini’s 2nd generation club. All club members are entitled to a free dinner for mom & dad and a special Scalini’s baby T-shirt.”

Scalini’s has become so famous that their eggplant parm recipe was even featured in Good Morning America.

And if you don’t live nearby but still want to give this magical recipe a try, you can download it!

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