2 Clown Fish Grow Huge Tumors That Block Their Mouths So Doctor Performs ‘Saving Nemo’ Surgeries

by Jess Butler
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They may look small to us, but the bubble-like growths on the mouths of these clown fish actually threatened their lives.

These two exotic fish — one male and one female — were unable to eat after the tumors grew enough to block the openings to their mouths. Luckily, veterinary surgeon Alessandro Bijjeni knew just how to handle it all.

According to StoryTrender, the surgeon says, “These are rare fish that can cost around $980 each. The owner reported the animals had developed an unidentified mass in the mouth about a year ago, which had been gradually growing.”

Alessandro had to see to it that both clown fish weighed enough before they could undergo surgery — quite a feat considering they were unable to eat.

In fact, the male clown fish was so far from a suitable weight, he had to be hand-fed for five days, until he packed on a few ounces for the procedure.

Finally, it was time for the “Saving Nemo” surgery that spared both of their lives.

In the video below, you can see how this dedicated surgeon removed the tumors from both clown fish and turned their bleak situations around.

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Photo: Caters News

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