Toddler’s ‘Drooping’ Face Takes Drastic Turn As She Gets Older But Doctors Refuse To Touch Her

by Amy P
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Sarah Atwell of Nova Scotia, Canada, was just a baby when her new stepdad, Kenny, noticed her face was beginning to look different.

Eventually, Tara couldn’t help but agree with Kenny — that her daughter’s appearance was changing in an unusual way. That’s because Sarah had neurofibromatosis.

Neurofibromatosis is a rare congenital condition that caused a massive tumor to develop over the right half Sarah’s face. As years passed, the tumor grew and grew, causing her face to droop drastically downwards.

The issues brought on by the condition were mostly cosmetic, but no doctor was willing to perform the risky surgery it required. Sarah was devastated to learn she would be forced to grow older with the large tumor.

As a result, Sarah faced constant bullying during her adolescence. For years, she was teased and taunted, and called names like “fat face” and “ugly.” The harassment got so bad that she began isolating herself from others and avoiding social situations.

At the age of 17, Sarah was ready to take a stand and speak out about the bullying she endured on a daily basis. She posted a powerful viral video online and shared her story via handwritten cue cards.

Not only did the video spur an outpouring of love and support, but a doctor came forward and agreed to help. Sarah has finally begun the process of removing her facial tumor.

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