Woman Moves To Nearly Deserted Island And Takes On 9 Jobs Since There’s No One Else To Do Them

by Emerald Pellot
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Sarah Moore decided to give up the bustling city life in Edinburgh, Scotland, to move to an island with a population of just 45 citizens and an average age of 65.

At 26, Sarah is the youngest person on the island. She has now taken on nine different jobs because there’s no one else to do them.

She’s a carer, air traffic controller, baggage handler, postal worker, digger driver on the farms, tour guide, firefighter, baggage handler, and clerk for the island council.

“It’s not an easy life here, and it’s not a place anyone comes to get rich, but I love it,” Sarah told Caters News.

Prior to moving to the island, Sarah worked in retail.

“The city is too crowded and there’s no greenery or scenery. For me, there was just a dead-end job,” she said. “Retail work is not for me.”

Moreover, despite the city being more densely populated, she still felt lonely.

“It was lonely in Edinburgh, even though there are so many people. I lived in the same house for 23 years and I only knew the people to the left and right of me, and here I know everyone,” she said.

While dating is a little harder living on an island with mostly senior citizens, she does get some visits from blokes on other islands.

“Some of the older residents were practically handing out my CV to the young guys — they would love me to settle down on the island,” she said. “It was quite embarrassing but all in good spirit.”

The island’s school had to close because the only student left. The island dwellers are hoping to attract some more families.

Sarah likes her variety of jobs, especially working at the airport because she gets to be more social. She stopped noticing the age difference pretty quickly and sees her neighbors as her friends.

“I don’t really miss Edinburgh. I went back last month to help my parents move, but I never got that nostalgia feeling,” she said.

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